ESTABLISHED 1950. South Florida’s link to Skal International, the largest organization of travel and tourism executives in the world.

Skål is a professional organization of travel leaders around the world, dedicated to promoting global tourism and friendship. It is the only international group that unites all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Through Skål member events and organization our industry managers and executives meet at the local, regional, national and international levels to pursue topics of common interest. Skål was founded in Paris in 1932 by travel managers, following an educational tour of Scandinavia. Today, Skål International has over 22,000 members in 500 Clubs throughout 90 countries. Our members represent hotels, airlines, the car rental market, as well as travel agencies and tour operators. Skål International is governed by an Executive Committee elected at the annual General Assembly, held during the World Congress, hosted by a different country each year. This allows members first-hand observation of the travel and tourism potential around the world.


Founded in 1950, the Miami chapter of Skål International, meets for dinner once a month at different local venues to discuss and pursue topics of common interest. The local chapter works closely with Skål USA and Skål International to support our overall vision to to maximize networking while supporting the tourism sector.  

The Miami Chapter has garnered its reputation thanks to its numerous awards, including:

  • 2006 North America Skål Club of the Year
  • 2005 Skål International Club of the Year
  • 2003 USA Skål Club of the Year


Often we are asked what the meaning of our name. Simply, we define Skål as FRIENDSHIP but there is an explanation as to why our founders picked this word. Skal was born on a flight to Stockholm. The word Skål comes from Scandinavia and has a long tradition. The “Skål”, a bowl with a welcome drink, was offered to visitors when they entered the home. One would say Skål as a sign of friendship!

The letters of the word SKÅL mean:

  • Sundhet (Health)
  • Kärlek (Love)
  • Ålder (Long Life)
  • Lycka (Luck)