Timing is everything!

I hope this message finds you well and that you and your family are safe.

Looking ahead at the future in Miami, the Hospitality & Tourism Industry is back; with things moving in the right direction, it is time to consider SKAL International Miami. What have we been doing in the past months?

Since February, we had in-person receptions – all outdoor. From beach clean up to a cookout event at Chef Mike’s Supper Club Garden! We had speakers at the Hotel Z’Ocean Resort SoBe and we had a fun zoom meeting with Sydney Australia where we shared great memories of the SKAL World Congress Cruise 2019 out of Miami. Then in May, some SKAL Miami members traveled to Orlando to attend a special 2-day event, organized by SKAL Orlando with over 110 members at SeaWorld.

Some members came from as far away as Honolulu! So please look out for emails regarding upcoming events in the coming days and weeks.

Now that restrictions are lifting and things are easing back to normal, we would love to speak to you or someone from your organization about joining SKAL Miami. Enjoy the advantages offered by our professional board, motivated members, great networking events, and the lasting friendships formed as a member of this prestigious organization. Please review the websites below for more information about Skal. I am also happy to announce, that I was voted for a 2nd year to be the president of Skal International Miami 2022. With your support, we will be the Club of the Year 2021 with the most member acquisition! Young professional and first-time hospitality workers are very much Welcome to join us. We can offer mentor ships, job opportunities within the USA and even globally. The FIU Hospitality Department has been with Skal Miami for many years. Anyone under the age of 28 years will get a special sponsorship rate form Skal Miami. Reach out to us and we’ll make it happen!

By the way for those of our members who do not have an official Skal name tag, they are available for purchase for the cost of $15.00 each. Please send your name with a credit card to [email protected] – thank you for replying by 7/31/2021.

And now let us Welcome our new members from the past few months:

Hotel Z’Ocean Miami Beach – The Seaview Hotel Bal Harbor – The Hilton Miami Airport Hotel – The Dream Hotel Miami Beach – The Palms Hotel Miami Beach – The Pelican Hotel Miami Beach, HP Hotels, Piro Hernandez Hotel Consultant

Fogo de Chao Miami Beach, Chef Mike The Supper Club Miami Beach, Chef Junior from Brazil, Chef James Neuweg Bierhaus Fritz & Franz Coral Gables, Lucaffee Somagel Miami

Futura Travel Miami, ATS Travel Hollywood, The Travel Industry Association of Florida, See Cruises & Tours, Transamerica Purchasing Ass.

All my best & SKAL!
Karin Andersen
President 2021 & 2022

Contact: 305-965-1280 or
[email protected].com

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International Miami
www.skal.org       www.skalusa.org

SKAL is comprised of over 15,000 members with 400 clubs in 89 nations.

Skål is the only international organization that brings together all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Representing the industry’s managers and executives, Skålleagues meet at local, national and international levels in an environment of friendship to discuss subjects of common interest.

Skål International is an international organization of hospitality professionals. Skål Miami hosted the World Congress in 2019 with over 550 attendees from 43 nations on the RCCL Symphony of the Seas. Skål International Miami meets around the second/third Tuesday of each month for a reception (up from $35.00 p.p.). Please follow us on LinkedIn: Skal International Miami.

How to become a SKAL Miami member: Discounted annual fee for 2021: $140.00. You can call us at 305-965-1280 and we will sign you up in less than 3 minutes – or visit our webpage for secure online payment: https://www.skalclubmiami.com/become-a-member/

THANK YOU – we appreciate your support!

SKAL Club Miami
5900 Maggiore Str.
Miami, Fl 33146