An Important Message
from SKAL Miami

Message from the 2021 SKAL Miami Club
President Mrs. Karin Andersen:

Dear friends and partners,

In 2020 our hospitality industry was and is still facing a very challenging world due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. There were moments in 2020 when fear was greater than hope. But fear is not a positive counselor and blocks usfrom seizing opportunities. Trust in our industry, the support of each other, innovation and resilience seen from our members using our worldwide SKAL network are the backbone of our international tourism organization SKAL.

Like many businesses, we have pivoted our theme, from food delivery to frontline worker assistance, from unemployment applications support to creating new businesses. Our hospitality industry has been proud to step up where needed and we are bringing this energy into the New Year. Let us focus on what matters most. That includes family and friends, health and happiness and the relationships we have built with people like you.

Since the vaccinations have started all over the world, we have hope that the hospitality industry will return stronger and more sustainable than ever before.

The SKAL Miami chapter has therefore conglomerated together with the local FIU University and the Sustainable Events Network, Florida & Caribbean, to build and further strengthen cooperation between these entities.

The education of the next generation of travel and tourism industry professionals is another focus point for 2021. Especially now, when plenty of young college students and first-time job seekers are presented with a very difficult circumstance, it seems more critical than ever to support our Young Skålleagues. We ask you to offer either an internship, mentorship or job opportunity to these young hospitality workers. One thing is for sure –the world will need our services again in the near future.

Best wishes for the New Year and stay healthy that we might have the opportunity to travel and meet again soon.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Karin Andersen, 2021 SKAL Miami President

What is SKAL:

SKAL is comprised of over 16,000 members with 400 clubs in 89 nations.

Skål is the only international organization that brings together all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Representing the industry’s managers and executives, Skålleagues meet at local, national and international levels in an environment of friendship to discuss subjects of common interest.

Skål International, founded in 1932, is an international organization of hospitality professionals. Skål International Miami was founded in 1950 and hosted the World Congress in 2019 with over 550 attendees from 43 nations on the RCCL Symphony of the Seas.

Skål International Miami meets on the second Tuesday of each month for a reception ($35.00 p.p.). However, due to COVID-19, we had mostly Zoom meetings and no dinner functions in 2020 with only a few receptions, including social distancing and masks.

We will send separate emails for the upcoming January and February 2021 SKAL Club Miami meetings.

How to become a SKAL Miami member for 2021:

The Miami chapter would like to support our local industry with a special annual fee. In order to receive that fee, you have to sign up and pay via our secure link by 01/25/2021. Thank you for your support.

Regular annual fee: $140.00

Special fee for unemployed hospitality workers and anyone who could use our assistance: $70.00 only

Visit our webpage for secure online payment:

Contact SKAL Miami Chapter 2021:

Karin Andersen
President 2021
Skal International Miami Club
Ph: 305-965-1280
Email: [email protected]

SKAL Club Miami

340 Minorca Ave, #2
Miami, Fl33134